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Lake Waconia Triathlon Recap, No pros, and 48 hrs

The Lake Waconia triathlon has become one of the most significant races in our state as each year the top male and female triathletes earn their way to compete in the Best of US competition versus the other top representatives across the USA. Brian Bich secured his slot for a third time and Marlo Crosby-McGaver took it for the ladies.
As far as my race, two things have happened in my age group. One is that year after year the competition in our state gets better – the top non-elite in 25-29 (Matt Anderson) biked over 25mph and ran 6:40s. Not bad right? And the other thing is that life for me has eclipsed training ever since Ironman Arizona came and went. This Sunday I tried to make it out of the water in less than 17 minutes but only swimming once since the Buffalo Triathlon doesn’t help much so I ended up closer to 20 minutes. The newly extended bike course gave me plenty of time to think about my current fitness state and realize that as I close in on the last few triathlons for me I am just very thankful and happy to be doing them. I have decided to ditch watches for my races this summer and the only thing working on my bike was cadence – so I just rode how I felt and only had one guy (Team Ortho) pass me on the bike – my pace was right above 22mph and really I was just making up time for my horrible swim. I had a quick transition and was off with the fuel belt visor that Aaron gave me and ready to run my heart out for 4 miles. Curt and I had ran the course three times in a row about 10 days ago but unfortunately it seems like it didn’t help us much. I wanted to run sub 6:30s and ended up running 6:37s, but the good thing was that no one passed me after the first mile. All in all if this was last year I’d be disappointed, but I am fine with my race and was glad to see a bunch of people out on the course – specially the newbies.

Not deserving of a full post, but something that I do think should be addressed is that the Best of US triathlons should either ban or discourage professionals from entering the races. The simple fact is that there is only one race per state that gives amateur’s the opportunity to truly outshine the rest. Whether you are in Florida or Illinois or New York – that one Best of the US race puts to rest who the best amateur on that day is in that state. Professionals should have no part in this and frankly should want to stay away from competing in these races, or maybe volunteer, since they should easily be able to beat amateurs (ie that is the very definition of being a pro vs an ag). We have seen races where age groupers are knocked off the podium because of the presence of a pro and I don’t think that’s fair. Once again, these races are to prove who the best amateurs are in our state – so let the pros do their races and let the age groupers for once have all the press (ok here isn’t much usually), all the cheers, and all the podium spots!

48 Hours Surrounding Waconia: Saturday am: get up at 6am and move stuff from parents in law to our POD downtown, 9am meet friends and move all the furniture/boxes into POD, right away go to work at GW for 4 hrs, come back, go to church, eat dinner, then go back to loft to finish cleaning the loft with Chelle. Finally head back to our housesitting stint in Minnetonka, get ready for race, lights out past 11. Wake up early, race Waconia Tri, quick lunch with Aaron and Mer, then go back to pack up the car, then help my sister move from Shoreview to South Minneapolis from 3:30pm till 8pm. Go to parents in law house to pick up more belongings, head downtown to fill POD. Get back to Minnetonka at 10:30pm, clean house and pack everything up since we need to be out of there by the next day, head to bed at 12:30am. Wake up at 7am to move everything in cars to parents in law house…
That’s what I mean when “life has take over training.” :)

July 2, 2008 at 4:13 pm
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