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Justin Daerr: The Journey of JD on xtri.com

Justin Daerr just put up a very good post on xtri.com on his journey from a 13 hour Ironman to a 9:40. Aaron and I talked about it for a while today and one thing that I have always told him is that I wish that I would have found out about triathlons in college. Justin did and managed to get huge training in that has helped him get to a sub 9 hour IM shape now. It is a very good read and from being part of Gordo’s Endurance Corner crew you can see some of the same messages flow thru. Going from 13 hours to 9:40 is pretty amazing, and the one thing that stands out to me is that he attributes it to one major issue: consistency.

My mom always used to (and still does) talk to me about good habits. Stand up straight, read your Bible everyday, don’t eat too many cookies (I still struggle with that), treat your sister right, etc. This wasn’t a six month thing and you are done – she meant this was a multi-year lifetime journey. She was right, an so is Justin. I remember reading how Gordo had like thirteen 0s in a year – that is thirteen days of not working out of 365 days. He didn’t go crazy in traing and had a mix of yoga, traditional tri workouts, hiking, walking, etc – but still it was only missing 3 percent of days!

To visit Justin’s blog and site head over to my “Pro-links” page which is the largest collection of professional triathletes in the world!

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March 14, 2008 at 9:57 am
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