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Julie Dibens and Planet X

So I got to interview Julie Dibens at the Chicago Triathlon back in August of 2007. She is a very fast lady and was going to try her hand at Xterra -try she did. She outpaced the perennial favorite dueling combo of Melanie McQuaid and Julie Whitmore to become the 2007 Xterra World Champion in Maui. During that video interview I asked her about her Lightspeed since only she and David Thompson were racing on those. She said something about having been off of Lightspeed for a while and coming back. Well today I was checking out Gordo’s Epic wrap-up on the Planet X site and saw that she has switched over. Planet X has been making a huge push and it must have been quite enticing for her to go to them since she also lives across the pond from our US of A.  Go to my list of professional triathletes to find all of the sites for these athletes.

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February 8, 2008 at 2:37 pm
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