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Joel Filliol – Canada’s Triathlon Coach

WordPress allows me to see who links to my site and a new name showed up in the report – Joel Filliol, Canada’s head triathlon coach who oversees the training for a bunch of the top Canadian triathletes, including of course Simon Whitfield, Paul Tichelaar, and Colink Jenkins who will represent our friendly neighbors to the North (for you foreigners, I live about 6 hours from the border).  I got a chance to only talk to him for a little bit at the Canadian Tri Team Gear West Bike ride but it seems like a good old fashioned story of working hard up the ranks in coaching and now gets to direct the tri kids around the world into getting faster and stronger ahead of the Beijing Olympics (including the famous “heat trailer” where you make your body temp go up to a certain degree and then hold it for 90 mins).  This was his post about the Gear West ride. To reach his normal site just point your browser to joelfilliol.blogspot.com.

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July 21, 2008 at 10:29 pm
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