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Javier Gomez wins the 2008 Mooloolaba BG Triathlon World Cup

Well Spaniard Javier Gomez, the man that can run/fly like no other has started his 2008 season where he left off in 2007 – as the number 1 triathlete in the ITU world with a big win over a stacked field, with many fighting for an Olympic slot. He overcame a horrible swim for him (19 min for 1.5km or .93mile) and closed it off in typical Gomez fashion with a blistering 30:29 10k!
I really hope he comes over for the Hy-Vee Triathlon in Des Moines because I’d like to get a Spanish and English interview. Terenzo Bozzone finished approximately 50 seconds ahead of Shane Reed for the last Kiwi (New Zealand) Beijing Olympic spot and it is now up to their federation to see who goes (ITU/Oly rules are complex). I really enjoy watching Terenzo race as he has that Faris “I don’t care I’ll take off and leave the rest behind” attitude. We didn’t hear a ton from him last year as he was pursuing Beijing, but we will one day see him in the Kona lava fields and that my friends will strike fear.

2008 Mooloolaba BG Triathlon World Cup
1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run
Gold – JAVIER GOMEZ Spain 1:49:50
Silver – BRAD KAHLEFELDT Australia 1:50:14
Bronze – TIM DON Great Britain 1:50:24
4 – BEVAN DOCHERTY New Zealand 1:50:27
5 – GREG BENNETT Australia 1:50:29
6 – OLIVER FREEMAN Great Britain 1:50:34
7 – PAUL TICHELAAR Canada 1:50:38
8 – BRENDAN SEXTON Australia 1:50:45
9 – SIMON THOMPSON Australia 1:50:53
10 – KYLE JONES Canada 1:50:58

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March 30, 2008 at 4:02 pm
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