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iwilltri Triathlon Weekend Preview for May 23-25 2008

Sorry for the very small preview but I have a bunch of personal things going on.

#1 to watch is for sure Ironman Brazil (it is on the Hec-races-to-do list) down in Florianopolis (what a wonderful name for a city). Regulars Oscar Galindez and Fernanda Keller will be at the front, but this is a race that always pulls surprises.

#2 is Ironman 70.3 Austria – these Eruopean races are SOO competitive and the times can be so fast ont eh age group side compared to the US. The ironmalive.com story is pretty worthless (5 million euros?) so I’m not linking to it.

#3 is the other big local race here in Minnesota: the Apple Duathlon – I don’t know what it is about it (I’ve never done it and am always out of town) but everyone LOVES this du.

**NO WAY – I forgot to add the Madrid ITU – I really need to take on a co-editor. First of all I love Madrid (ok I like Barcelona better, but still) and as the Olympics approach every races importance as far as rankings increases. Vanessa Fernandes will try to win her record breaking 20th World Cup at the Madrid BG Triathlon World Cup, the 200th in ITU history. That is right, she would become the woman with the most World Cups ever and she is only 22 years old. You can of course catch live video over at triathlon.org. So if I was to go up and revise my numbers this would trump Ironman Brazil for sure. I am quoting below some Vanessa Fernandes stats from the very insightful triathlon.org story:

“Madrid this weekend will be just the 31st world cup start of her career, meaning she’s won 19 of the 30 world cup races she’s entered, a staggering winning percentage of 0.633. Fernandes has stood on the world cup podium a grand total of 23 times, in just 30 races.”

Alright, as I said before, sorry for the short preview. June is coming in a hurry and it will be one to remember. Are reservations on for Hy-Vee? Yes they are!

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May 23, 2008 at 5:54 pm
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