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Ironman Wisconsin Ironcamp Weekend

Ok got back from the long weekend in madison. I’ll go day by day:

Friday: got into Madison around 6pm since stks/bonds/currcys all experienced huge amounts of volatility. The scs group I was with had just finished swimming in the lake and so we had a 1hr seminar on the actual race day experience (transitions, prep, etc) and then went to dinner.

Saturday: 6am bell to get ready for the 112 mile bike ride on the actual course. Got out there and it was all of what most people think of when you mention wisconsin – vast fields, barns, a few cows here and there, rolling country roads, lots of smells…anyways this is a pretty tough course, lots and lots of rollers, I kept seeing my cadence drop below what I wanted it to be (so I’m getting a 27 instead of a 23 for the race) and it was just plain hard to get into any sort of rhythm. It was a great learning experience for the race though. After the ride got back, and went with aaron to chipotle. Man that tasted good. Then had a nutrition seminar, had some pizza, watched some Le Tour, fell asleep.

Sunday: 6am bell to get ready for swim. Swam for 1/2 hr in Lake Monoma and it was good to visualize/swim where the race will actually take place. Had devotions/quick blfast/back on the road for the half-marathon run. After getting lost for the 1st 1.5 miles, aaron remembered the course and so we took off ahead of our group and ran the course. In the end we ran 13.5 miles and apart from the beginning did the entire thing run that I will see on race day. Very instructive, tougher course than TwinCities marathon, and I will have to take it ez on the bike if I want to crack 4 hrs on the marathon. Did some video stuff and then drove home. Wow I am tired today.

July 30, 2007 at 7:01 pm
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