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I live 1.2 miles from my job in downtown Minneapolis and get to walk to work most days. In doing so I have almost been run over quite a few times, but have become adept at darting across or staring directly at driver’s eyes to make sure they don’t take me out. The last 2 days though have taught me something different.
My legs are pretty weak (not sore, just really weak) from Ironman Wisconsin so my walks have extended from my usual 13 minutes to 25-30 minutes. On these long walks I have received stares from quite a few people (why does a late-20’s-healthy-looking-business-guy take so long to walk? what IS wrong with him?), have had drivers get inches from me to “hurry me up,” have had cars speed off after taking a right turn on a No-Turn street as if I was the one blocking them from turning (and not the sign), have stopped at the corner instead of walking once the blinking red hand turns on cause I’m afraid I won’t make it across, etc.
All in all I have received a very, very minor taste of what people in wheelchairs, cains, walkers, and other walking handicaps experience on a daily basis. It has not been pretty and I have not enjoyed it. I even got thinking that if someone really wanted to take my backpack. I couldn’t run away or run them down – I’m just kind of stuck in this 2 mile an hour speed.

1) I am EXTREMELY thankful to God to have a healthy body
2) It makes me much more aware of not just pedestrians but people that have handicaps all around me.
3) I wish I would have learned this life lesson sooner and am sure that I need to keep learning more about helping those with needs different than mine own.

So, please join me in starting to SEE PEOPLE.

September 14, 2007 at 9:47 pm
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