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Ironman Run Training Continues

Since I have done a poor job of writing much about my journey to Ironman Arizona I will try to change that going forward, but I do have to admit that I am very busy these days. Alright so I’ll share from yesterday’s training day:
Wednesday’s are long run days for me so I first woke up at 5am to run for half an hour, which was about 3.3 miles – yes I am a stickler for exact distances. After work I went over to the YMCA and ran on the the 4th floor for 2 hours.

The run workout was the following:
20′: build to 7:30s /
30’= 9’@ 7:24 (8.1mph), 1ez -cycle 3xs /
30’= 20’@7:24s(8.1), 5’@6:53s(8.7) , 5’ez /
15’= 5’@6:53s(8.7), 10’@7:24s/
15’= 5’@6:40s(9), 10’@7:24s /
10’ez = 2:00 total, 15.5 miles, 7:45 avg, 1st hr. =7.5 miles, 2nd hr. 8 miles.
I was pretty tired after running close to 19 miles yesterday, but I knew I had to wake up this morning.

  Chelle was gracious (again) in driving me to the Y at 5:20 for swim time this morning. I did a variety of drills with paddles and ended up with 2,000 yards pre-work. Tonight will be a 1.5 hr session on the bike with intervals, then an easy half hour of a run brick. That my tri friends is the update from chilly Minnesota. I will video tape my weekly triathlon video report tonight and will hopefully have it online by tomorrow.

March 6, 2008 at 1:14 pm
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