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Ironman Frankfurt and Roth

Wow, wow, wow. Macca is going to do back to back Ironman’s one week apart in 2008. And no this is not like doing lesser known IM South Africa and Malaysia – this is him going after the Germans (Faris and Normann) on their home turf in Frankfurt – a storied venue that has some of the fiercest competition apart from Hawaii. The following weekend he will go back to Roth (on my list of races to do someday) to try and win again – I think he went 7:55 this last year, but the all time IM record still stands untouched. To translate it for the non-ironman folks, think of doing 2 marathons 1 week apart. Or take your longest bike ride ever and think of doing that 6 days apart. Macca is one of the few guys to come up with such a crazy idea and yet he is probably one of the few that actually has a chance of winning both. What does that mean for Hawaii? Who knows – Mark Allen has counseled him in the past about not doing too many ironmans and even going into Roth a little “fat and unfit” so he can truly peak for the lava fields. That week in July next year will be one for the history books, and yes I am accepting free airline miles to go out there so if anyone has extra miles drop me a line…

Here is the InsideTri story on it.

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December 31, 2007 at 12:36 pm
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