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Ironman Arizona Two Days Away

Well yes a little bit of going back in time to post this but I forgot to do it yesterday.  I had a blast on Friday – we went with Aaron down to the Gatorade Swim which every Ironman has – the water is murky but I have had much worse so it was not a big deal.  The course is a simple rectangle with the sun in your eyes the whole way down and then getting som relief on the way back – all the course maps are on ironmanarizona.com.  After a quick shower I went down to the press conference which was mostly geared towards the regular folk that have some idea about Ironman but not much.  Brett Sutton’s team was referred to as the “toughest, the hardest team anywhere” which pretty much fits the bill from what I have read and heard.  Lovato is not doing Ironman Arizona this year since he wants to wait till June to do CDA and I got a short one with him.  I interviewed Jonathan Caron and Sergio Marques, both revered and loved in the slowtwitch forum.  If you haven’t about either, the former came in second place in his home town race of Ironman Canada in 2007, while the latter has posted the fastest run split at Kona and has several 2:40 Ironman Marathons (one 2:43!).  I also spoke to Michellie Jones and she still remembers the 1:15 she spotted Aaron and me. Greg Welch was super nice and gave me some Olymic predictions as well as Kona 2008 Championship names.  In the afternoon we took a nap, went on a short run, and then went to the athlete dinner.

T-2 Days Away from Ironman Arizona:  AM = 20 minute swim in Tempe Park Lake.  PM = 40 minute bike on the Ironman Arizona run course.

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April 11, 2008 at 8:19 pm
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  • April 12, 2008 at 9:36 pmScott

    Go get ’em Hector! (And Aaron too!) I’ll be watching you online (from a safe distance).

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