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Ironman Arizona Nine and Eight Days Away

Well for how much I have written about Ironman Arizona and kept up on this blog, I just realized that well today is Saturday, and since the race is next Sunday April 13th, the race is really eight days away and not nine :)

My good friend Jake, who will also be attending Northwestern in the fall for counseling across the street from Kellogg, is having his bachelor party here this weekend so I have been busy with that and juggling last minute Ironman “tritems.”  Yes that is right, I just coined the name tritems and nobody better take it.  That will be another post sometime!

So Chelle and I went to Gear West to get the final preparations all set:  Kevin is lending me his disc (zedtech zipp, hello!) I had to get the bike box, some shammy butter (the individual packs for bike and special needs), a new gear west visor since my last one stretched out too much, and a new pair of tinted goggles.  After the Twins vs Royals game (twins won), I took the light rail back to downtown and then ran from our loft to St. Louis Park.  It was so nice to get out in shorts and run along the lake on the trail.

T-8 days till Ironman Arizona: PM = 8 miles at 8s, then 7:30s.

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April 5, 2008 at 5:48 pm
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