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Ironman Arizona Four Days Away

Well since I probably won’t have time later I’ll just post right now.  While biking last night I watched some of the Champion League games and I’ve started to really get into it this year – that will be perfect for post Ironman recovery.  Packing a bike in a bike box is kind of stressful to me – mostly because I am super un-mechanically inclined and the skills of my engineer father and fix-everything-in-this-world father in law have not flowed downstream to me. Anyways, things are going well and I am getting excited.  I have already lined up interviews with Jordan Rapp of Rappstar fame on slowtwitch and TJ Tollakson.  Will I get a Rutger or MIchellie or Lovato or Gollnick one? You betcha!

T-4 Days till Ironman Arizona: will swim for half an hour and run for 45 minutes.  

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April 9, 2008 at 12:49 pm
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