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Ironman Arizona Bike Ladder

I’m over at the Lundeen’s (my bro in law) which is in St. Louis Park, a nice seven mile run from our loft in downtown.  The weather here has turned for the worse again so my plans for an outdoor ride this weekend are gone as the snow coats everything in sight.  I woke up and went to the YMCA for a quick swim – 300 warmup + 1,500 straight (each 500 faster) + 200 cool down.  I didn’t have enough quarters for the meter so I took my chances on the last 10 minutes and was relieved to only see snow and no ticket once I got out.  After picking up Chelle from her trip to Brazil and Argentina (pool weather down there right now!) I got on the computrainer at 2pm. 

The ladder was as follows, with 5 minute rest intervals after every effort:
-15′ @ X-10
-15′ @ X
-15′ @ X + 10
-15′ @ X + 20
-15′ @ X + 30
-15′ @ X + 25
-15′ @ X + 15
-15′ @ X + 5
-15′ @ X – 5
Total of 3:15, 9 reps, no hear rate reading since I find the ear h.r. for the computrainer extremely annoying, not that accurate, and frankly a pinched ear after a few hours is no good.

(x= what I think I’ll ride at IMAZ, though I don’t own a powermeter so I am just guessing after hours on the computrainer)

We are going to a birthday party at a local rolling skating rink (yes adults roller skating old school style) but I’ll be on the sidelines as once we get inside of six weeks to my A race of the year I stay away from any activity during which I might pull something or fall or whatever.  Yes, it probably sounds paranoid but I haven’t spent all this time training just to see see a semi-split on skates bring me down! Plus, with all the training we already do there are plenty of chances for something to go wrong…

March 21, 2008 at 6:05 pm
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