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I like swimming again

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Ok so today I went to the YMCA after work for the longest swim set yet – 4,000 yards.  I have been swimming 2-3 times a week and keep telling myself that I need to get with it so I hope I am finally serious about it (-30 windchill at 5am is just not that exciting). In his 18 page “Training Ironman Athletes” Gordo spells out his key factors for Ironman and one swim set is just 500s building up to Half Ironman speed.  I followed that for today and was pretty happy with the results. I even ended up doing an easy 500 to cool down. All in all 4,500 yards and no burn out.  The fact that I haven’t been that serious about swimming (within my goal of 1:10 IMAZ swim) has actual helped me.  I don’t hate swimming right now so hopefully that will lead me to build up endurance and speed in the water for these last 7 weeks.  If anything I think that as I taper in the 2 more demanding sports I will keep up building swimming till right before the race.  Yes I have to be careful about my left shoulder but I think that the prolonged unstructured swimming has gotten me to this point fairly “fresh” for the water.  In the summer swimming outdoors is actually decent and there is no excuse, but right now it’s still cold.  Now I’m not ready to join a swim league or anything close, but I actually feel pretty good about it – next up is 5:30am swim set that is all about intervals.  Oh about pacing, yes right now I’d be around 1:15, but that is ex-my-team-in-training-Orca wetsuit and the draft that 500 people create – I think I am pretty decent at drafting and this year I will not make the mistake of lining up in the middle but instead get up towards the front.

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February 25, 2008 at 8:44 pm
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  • February 26, 2008 at 7:52 amsjogren

    dude, you’re making me jealous. well, as long as we’re comparing…i’ve been able to sleep 23 of the last 36 hours. does that count for something?!?

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