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History of my bike, “cervancho”

My first tri bike was a Quintana Roo Kilo. She was a great entry level bike that took me through my first sprint, oly, and 1/2 IM races. As I looked towards the ’06 season though, I knew that I needed to get more serious if I was going to qualify for 70.3 World’s. I was ready to have better components and a nicer ride and that is when I started looking at Cervelos, specifically the P2SL.

But lo and behold I walk into Gear West (which had also sold me my QR) and chatted with Trent about different bikes. The shop was having a sale on the P3SL, which, while more than I originally wanted to spend (isn’t that how it always goes with bikes?), was a great deal for what you got. So just like that I started thinking more and more of getting a P3SL.

A few weeks later, in the cold spring of 2006, Chelle and I walked into GW to adopt Cervancho into the fold. A year later I can look back on that as a great day, with many a mile ridden indoors and out, and the goal of getting to Clearwater accomplished. Now all eyes are on IMMoo ’07.

Cervancho, cervancho, may your strength grow and your speed quicken as wisconsin draws near.

cervancho page here.

May 9, 2007 at 4:49 pm
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