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Guatemala invades Canadian Lake

That’s right, I will be going up to Northern Ontario to a 100,000 acre lake with my father in law, his brother, and all their son in laws. I plan on doing a lot of open swimming, but at this point that is like saying “I will got to Everest and do a lot of climbing.” The ice has been out for only a few weeks, and the one email I got back from a nice Canadian government worker said that he never got in above his knees even when it was 90 degrees in the middle of summer. Oh and I did find a lake SOUTH of where we are going that recorded water surface temps of 9c / 47F on Monday am. I hope that there are some shallow bays that warm up….

Ok gear for the trip: Thanks to gearwest trent I got a pair of the blue seventy booties. I also have a pair of neoprene gloves + another pair of ankle-sock-looking booties from rei, but I hope to not use those at all and return them. I also am bringing my barracuda hot head, and to finish it off my full sleeve Orca wetsuit. Full review will be coming when I get back.

June 12, 2007 at 10:03 pm
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