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Greg Bennett on competitor’s

So I’m finally starting to get back into it and for my 1 hour run today I decided to see what babbitt and huddle had for me. I was pumped to see that they had interviewed Greg Bennett, since about 3 weeks ago they had interviewed his wife Laura. You can listen to the whole hour over at competitorradio.com, and he  really is the real deal. He might not be as brash as macca, but he sure loves our sport and you can hear it when me talks about wanting to make triathlon huge in these united states.  He won the whole 5 race 2007 Lifetime Series versus very stiff competition – truly an amazing year (I think he said that they won close to, gulp, $800k this season).

Here’s to Laura getting gold at the Beijing olympics!

You can see some of the interviews I’ve had with Bennett over at youtube.com/iwilltri. Also, you should check out team-bennett.com (if you want my list of pro triathletes sites just click on the page over here to your right).

November 1, 2007 at 7:37 pm
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