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So slowtwitch.com Herbert got to interview Gordo – one of the few triathlon centered people on the internet that can write and when they do so about non-triathlon stuff actually make sense. Here are some of the best parts of that interview.

” Gordo: As for an over-riding philosophy, the number one thing to remember in endurance sport is Arthur Lydiard’s advice — Speed is the result of stamina.

-ST: You are a very outspoken person, so you surely won’t mind to tell us what your triathlon pet peeves are?
-Gordo: The ST forum does an excellent job of documenting what distracts people in our sport. I try to focus on the positive and remind myself that good people can make poor decisions

Gordo:Speaking from experience, you will rarely regret a defeat — I suspect that I would have deeply regretted not trying. ”

For the whole interview go here.

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January 7, 2008 at 9:21 pm
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