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Funnest Day of all of 2007

I am not kidding. Saturday July 14th 2007 was the funnest day of my whole entire year. While you will shortly see a WHOLE, MASSIVE, VIDEO FILLED page dedicated to the lifetime race, here is the (long) list of why it was my best day of 2007:

Waking up at 4:30 am with the realization that Chelle, not I, was racing and that the whole day was about her nutrition, gear, warm-up, schedule//driving to Lake Nokomis and thanking God for the awesome race day He had made// seeing all the pros set-up at lifetime, knowing that I could finally watch the race, instead of participating in it//hanging out with Matt Reed’s wife at T1/2 and her sharing with me who she would look out for on the girl’s side//seeing merrie, aaron, and chelle with that pre-race face everyone gets/watching the WHOLE pro race unfold = swim, transitions, finish – it was so fun to sit around with my video camera and play commentator// watching aaron swim away knowing our countless hours swimming together at the Y were coming to fruition// standing at the finish with my P.T Jennifer M. watching Bennett and Vanessa cross the line with mississippi-long smiles//getting together with my family and michelle’s family right before chelle started her first triathlon ever// cheering chelle on in her transitions//anxiously waiting with Papa Don near the finish to see chelle enter into the tri family//vanessa fernandes looking at me point blank and saying that it was not about the $money for her – and me believing it//hearing that merrie had placed in her AG!//hanging out at angie’s pool party with aaron singing peter morrow songs to sarah//talking to tammy about coaches and training//hanging out at the awesome jeff&gea pool with most of my close friends/ going to church with jlo//coming home to chelle and having some good pizza and cheese bread//getting all my gear together for heart of the lakes while watching the tour de france//filling up water bottles at chelle’s parents house (closer to annandale) knowing that 4:30am would be coming soon//thinking about how I got to see everyone I care about & is important to be from Minneapolis (ex-mom who is on vaca in guatemala), and watch the only sport/hobby I care about = all in one day//Went to bed thinking how He made July 15th 2007 – Tis an ocean full of blessing…

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July 16, 2007 at 8:14 pm
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  • August 4, 2007 at 9:04 pmbecky fernandez

    mijito, no se si mi otro mensaje te llego, I am so proud of you and Michelle! I thank God many times a day for both of you and for the discipline you have developed in these sports! you are wonderful and special. God bless you and thanks for sharing1

    te quiero mucho


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