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Free Wheel Bike Shop Review

Ok here is a short Free Wheel Bike review. Last night I had to get my rear stock Easton wheel checked out since I had two flats this week on the Computrainer. The reason I like FreeWheel and so should you are simple:

1) They are nice. Everytime you walk in there someone steps up to ask if they can help. They are all roadies or city bikers so they really do care about cycling and have personal anecdotes about what’s worked for them, not, etc. You will gete none of the One On One (a downtown Minneapolis bike shop) attitude or roadie-superior cold shoulder.  I wish that Countrywide, Amex, and Comcast would take lessons from these folks.

2) They are knowledgeable: while I am not a roadie and could care less about Trek and Lemond, they have been more than helpful in working on Cervancho, my trusty Cervelo P3SL, and are more than happy to show you how to fix stuff yourself (that’s where I learned how to change a chain, though I already forgot). Lastly, the huge variety of bikes that they work on gives them an edge in quickly and accurately fixing any bike.

3) It is an efficient operation. They are always fully staffed, have great hours, have several registers, and have plenty of space for fitting, parking, and mechanic space. You can literally walk up and speak to one of the 3-5 mechanics to get small issues fixed. I think I spent maybe 15 minutes in there last night, which included changing a tube, checking the wheel, buying 3 tubes, and looking around the shop to see what was new.

If you are in the vecinity of downtown Minneapolis just head East on Washington Avenue towards Cedar Avenue, or you can check the website out over at freewheelbike.com, or you can call them at 612-339-2219
If you are traveling from out of town it is close enough to run down there, I’m guessing probably 1.5 miles

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March 13, 2008 at 12:46 pm
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  • March 13, 2008 at 1:56 pmCathy Y

    So did they say why you were getting flats on your Compu Trainer? I had one the other day and found it rather interesting…Maybe its a Cervelo thing? Or maybe we’re just too strong! I’ll be in AZ during IM-Hope to see you out there. Cy

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