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First workout post Ironman Arizona

I promise I will stop writing about Ironman Arizona soon, but I had to write about my first workout post the race. Well actually I wrote this to Aaron. As a sidenote, I used to only lift weights in college so I was used to lots of dips, pullups, and endless tests to see “how much I can bench.” Those days have been long gone, but I guess some of that came back :)

aaron this is how it went:

1) Oh I’ll run slow for awhile…. = ran for 45 mins at 9:15-9:30s on the treadmill.

2) Get off, look around the Y = some meatheads pumping iron…hey look at those dumbells, I’ll try lifting a bit = 10 pullups, bench dumbells (12 x 40lbs), shoulder dumbbells (10×20 lbs), back dumbell raises (10×40), 20 situps on decline bench. Yeah this is not that bad, whatever, I have time before dinner at McCormicks, lets do another round. I only did 7 pullups this time, then finished off the dumbells.

3) Walking to dinner, humm that was kind of fun but I’m starting to feel really sore in my arms.

4) 48 hours later I still can’t fully extend my arms becasue they are so sore.

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May 1, 2008 at 2:24 pm
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  • May 2, 2008 at 11:56 amAaron Sjogren

    ….and I’m still laughing!

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