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Epic Ironman Arizona Week Day 2

Epic Ironman Week Day 2
So today is Tuesday and wakeup time was way too early. I have not seen 4:15am in a long time but I had to wake up to get my bike in before the 5:30am open at the YMCA to go swimming. Unfortunetely the flat that I fixed last night didn’t really work (something must be poking thru the actual wheel) since when I woke up I had a new falt. Frustrated I was, but I was glad we have a nice gym downstairs that does the job. So I went on the recumbent, yes recumbent, bike for half an hour and then walked into downtown Minneapolis.

Frankly while I was sitting on the recumbent bike, looking at the train just sitting on the tracks, with CNBC blaring about Spitzer’s client# 9 fiasco – I thought of just how blessed I have been to even have the ability to get up on my own 2 feet to do something so dumb like working out at 4:30am. You read on slowtwtich about guys training for tirathlons in Iraq and that puts it in perspective. Or the two twenty year old guys in wheelchairs in my grocery aisle last night. The list goes on and on.

Yes I am tired, yes my legs are sore, but yes I am very thankful for having the chance to do this. I will run easy this afternoon post work and pre-work dinner. Should be able to get in 1 or 1:15 on treadmill at the Y, which should be a nice 8 or 9 miles. I did video last night but I think I’ll wait till I have time this weekend to edit that.

Epic Day 2:
4:35am – 1/2 hour Bike
5:40-6:20 Swim
PM: 1 hour run

33 days before I cross the Ironman Arizona finish line.

March 11, 2008 at 11:32 am
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