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Epic Ironman Arizona Week is in the books

I’ll have a longer report maybe tomorrow, but at this point I think I managed twenty-eight and a half hours of solid training with seven days in a row of swim, bike, and run. Most days were fairly similar with an early morning swim, and then a bike plus run brick in the afternoon. Friday was a bit longer, while yesterday I managed to put in a broken five and a half hours with cycling in the morning, a noon hour run plus swim with a run back, and the another session on the bike before heading to church.

Today was the big day training as Gordo likes to put it – I swam for one hour, biked for five hours, and finished off with a two hour run brick. I am very tired and my stomach is not feeling the best, though that is normal for me post a long race since really, humans weren’t meant to exercise and eat, let alone chocolate energy bars mixed with Gatorade and little packs of gooey energy. I was very happy with the run and overall I think that this week is setting me up just right before IMAZ. Oh and a last tidbit is that I weighed myself today and am down to 170.8, lightest I have been since this century began!

March 16, 2008 at 8:57 pm
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  • March 19, 2008 at 1:54 pmCathy Yndestad

    Hector-You are a machine-keep up the good work. Only 3 weeks to go. I’ll be there cheering for you!

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