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Epic Ironman Arizona Week Day 3

Ok, I was done with 3 posts when I hit the computer chord and it unplugged!! GOSH. So gonzo were my posts about Epic Day 3 and FreeWheel. This will be a shortened version since all the energy, creativity, and literary energies have been lost to the dumb computer chord.

Epic Day 3:

AM: Swim – around 2,000 yards, mostly drills and then a hard 500.
PM: Bike – 1.5 hours with 10′ warmup and then 1:20 steady wattage
Run – half hour brick run.

The days are structured pretty equally till Saturday and Sunday, while yesterday I had a long day since I went to FreeWheel Bike right after work to get my tire looked at and buy new tubes. I am working on a review of Free Wheel Bike which should get done later, after I recover from the computer chord issues.

March 13, 2008 at 11:24 am
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