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Epic Ironman Arizona Week Day 1

When I woke up at 5:15am this morning, one thing was waiting for me: Epic Week is here. Last year Aaron and I did Minneapolis Epic Week for two weeks as a base for starting spring training. This Epic Week is different in that Ironman Arizona is in 35 days. Everyone has different ideas about mega weeks (although 25 hour is not that mega for most IM training) – but for me this is more than usual, more than I have ever done in a week, and one of the biggest things I gain is mental toughness (or stupidity?) so this is the plan.
Seven days of swim, bike, run – with more of a focus on cycling. I will take it easy early next week but keep the swimming up. I haven’t totally decided what I will do the following week but a 2.5 week taper is in the works. And yes I’m off any type of caffeine, pop, etc…water and milk are my friends from here till Ironman Arizona provides me with flat coke around mile 10 of the marathon.

Day 1 Epic:
5:15am wake-up – Swim at the YMCA
-Bike for 1:40 on Ironman Arizona Computrainer course. Was planning on 2:30 but I got a flat on the trainer, again.
-Run: ran for 1 hr with most under 150 hr at high 8s pace. I’m trying to really be careful with my IT Band issues so frequency has been my focus. I’ll run for half an hour most days.

Tomorrow should see half hour bike, 45 minutes swim, and 1:15 run in the afternoon. 4:20am wake up here we go.

March 10, 2008 at 8:59 pm
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