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Epic Camp is Epically Epic

So if you have never heard of Epic Camp – a concise definition would be an elite group of 15-20 triathletes getting together for 10 or so days of putting their bodies through epic swim, bike, and run workouts. They are led by the fearless and human-boundary-stretching duo of Scott “the terminator” Molina and Gordo Byrn.

It is great to read about their exploits all over the world (each year it changes location – so far Italy, New Zealand, Australia, etc). What did Gordo do the FIRST 4 days this year? 27 hours. While yes that is pretty much the weekly tv/video game consumption of most american teenagers, the workout numbers are staggering. Would I like to do Epic Camp someday? Sure, sounds like fun, but I’d probably have to train for it for a year before going. It is definitely harder than doing an Ironman as the days compound on each other – check out the blog on epiccamp.com, and the radio podcasts / interviews either at Endurance Radio or at the Ironmantalk.com.

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January 30, 2008 at 7:55 pm
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