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Epic Camp Epilogue by Gordo

Gordo has written an ending for his 2008 Epic Camp musings. While the training part is interesting, the few paragraphs on talent and work are even more interesting in my opinion. For me I know that there is just so much that I can devote to this sport and I am happy with it. My Ironman Arizona push is the biggest one yet and it will be the last for a long time so I am trying to do get as prepared as possible (last week 18 hours which is a lot
for me). I think that the majority of the 10-12 hr Ironman crowd who geek out on sites and spend the money for trinkets probably have misconceived notion that they really could go 9:30 or do a 4:15 Half-Ironman if they had the time. I agree with Gordo that the “time” would take years and would make you give up a lot, specially if you don’t have that much talent (like me). I’m at the point where I am happy with what I put in and am not interested in letting go of other more important things (Chelle, familia, church, etc).
Granted that won’t prevent me from trying to run a 3:30 marathon at IM AZ…

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February 4, 2008 at 5:43 pm
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