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Emma Snowsill and Asthma

Emma Snowsill is one of my favorite triathletes to watch and there is certainly no one who packs more punch in such a small package. When you see her come out of the water with these tall girls (Becky Lavelle, Leanda Cave, Samantha McGlone, etc) it looks like she’ll get crushed on the bike. But lo and behold she is able to ride her Felt into T2, grabs her Chocolate Graphics hat, and is off to chase down each and every girl. Last year was an off year for her and I think we were all wondering what was up – she did win races but it was not the same Emma. Well in this week’s ITU story Chris Hill (former ITU #1) tells of how Emma has been finally diagnosed with asthma and with improved treatment should be ready to go for Beijing. With Craig Walton retiring he can focus on helping her as much as possible, and if you watched the 2007 Hamburg ITU World’s race you know she can come back like no other. That my friends is one INSPIRING race to watch (go to triathlon.org to watch it – “video coverage is 10x better than any IM). She missed the pack, but just obliterates the field and comes one block away from catching Vanessa Fernandes. Emma in a healthy state is deadly for anyone that tries to go toe to toe with her over the Olympic distance! For her website head on over to iwilltri.com/pro-triathletes

Some tidbits from the interview:
“In comparison to years past, 2007 was lacklustre for Snowsill. She placed second at the Ishigaki BG Triathlon World Cup, second at the BG Triathlon World Championships in Hamburg, and second in the Beijing test event. Others might cherish these results but it must have been slightly disappointing for an athlete accustomed to winning.

“In the back of my mind I just knew I wasn’t right a lot of the time. So I went into the races with what I could. Saying that, I’m happy with what I did, I couldn’t ask for anymore.”

When no abnormalities showed up, a test for asthma was proposed. “I did all the asthma testing and I was like, wow, realising how much I was running myself down,” she said. “I coughed for hours after the test in Melbourne, people in the street must have thought I was strange.”

Finally finding a diagnosis has been a release for the constricted Snowsill who showed trademark grit throughout her struggle to breathe—never making excuses or publicising her training problems.

“I just sort of felt like I forgot what being healthy felt like. It was doing my head in,” she said. “I was having these sore throats and just little things but I would never really get sick. It’s just a relief for me to understand that there wasn’t anything really wrong.”

The full interview with her is over at the ITU triathlon.org site

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March 29, 2008 at 8:36 am
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