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Earth Day Half Marathon & SCS Movie Night

Oh and speaking of St.Anthony’s. DKT continues his ascension – you can read his latest race reviews, schedule, etc at www.thompsontri.com.  

So about 3 weeks ago I went up with Chelle to do the EarthDay Half Marathon festival thing.  Chelle did the 5k in wonderful summerish weather / on Saturday the ½  was cool and rainy…but anyways I ran a full ½ hr slower than David.  So that night Aaron and I go to the SCS movie night to watch coverage from 2006 Spirit of Racine ½ where David smoked the course record and set the fastest ½ Iron by an USAmerican last year. 

This is the quote of the night: 
Hec: so how did you do in ‘06 at Earth Day? 
DKT: yeah I think I might have gone out a little too fast, I think I did a 4:50 first mile and then some low 5s…

Hec & Aaron look at each other and wonder: “will we ever run low 5s pace for 1 mile, maybe 2 miles?”

Oh and for you data geeks DKT ran a 1:13 (5:30s) to my 1:44 (almost 8s).  I was hoping to be in low 1:30s shape for New Prague but my sister’s graduation meant pushing up the spring ½ marathon to Earth Day. Oh well, running form should come back some time soon + IMMoo is still months away.

May 2, 2007 at 4:46 pm
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