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DKT Challenge update – age grouper at Life Time!

I just got the official update from Gear West of the DKT Challenge. I think Trent told me I was the second person to ever sign up for the update, so I’m guessing there aren’t that many tri geeks around that would easily find this out. I do have to say that once again this is one sweet aspect of our sport, in that every single non-drafting triathlon in existence allows age group athletes to race the same exact course as the professionals – not so in many winter sports, track&field events, and certainly non of the professional leagues that dominate the money tables (futbol, football, baseball, basketball, and hockey). Additionally, there are still a few more races in the DKT Challenge so if you think you have what it takes get out there and see if you can earn the $800.

Anyway, here it is:
“Life Time Fitness Triathlon had a typically stacked field of professionals this year. This included a few of the fastest cyclist in the sport of triathlon; Jordan Rapp, T.J. Tollakson, and David Thompson. Any of these three guys could rip out a mid 55 minute 40km between their swim and run. Last year David Thompson broke his own bike course record on his way to a 54:40 bike split. This was once again 2 minutes faster than anyone else. However on this day none of these 3 guys, nor any of the pro’s, were able to claim fastest bike split. There was no doubt that Jordan was having a bad day as he couldn’t put any real time on David and David was feeling and riding “slow”. TJ said he was just waiting for David to go blowing by since he had no speed. As it always is on race day, it doesn’t matter what you are capable of, but what you do.

Karl Bordine, of Oceanside, CA claimed the fastest bike split. He has only done four triathlons, yet he was able to claim the fastest bike split by 12 seconds over Greg Bennett. Karl’s bike split at LTF Triathlon was a 56:28.3. Karl won the 30-34 National Criterium Championships in 2007 with a time trial-style performance where he rode off the front and no one could catch him. Last year he also won the Elite Time Trial Championships (he is the defending champ for another week).
Karl came to LTF Triathlon to give the DKT Challenge a try. He also knew he needed a run split which was within 25% of the fastest of the day. The fastest run was a 30:40. That meant that Karl had to run a 38:20. He ran a 38:18. In fact he made the run split by a mere 1.8 seconds.

But it doesn’t matter how close Greg Bennett’s bike split was, nor that many of the other bike studs didn’t ride fast. The fact of the matter is Karl did bike fast, and he ran fast enough to collect the $800 prime. Congratulations Karl.”
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August 6, 2008 at 12:32 pm
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