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David Thompson wins 5430 Long Course

While we were at green lake, dkt was out in high altitude Colorado ready to duel it out versus big names in one of the premier half-ironmans in our sport. The 5430 triathlon always draws international pros, as well as speedy age groupers, to race in one of the harder courses around due to it’s distance from ocean level. We stopped by gear west after our race and Hannah told us that dkt’s bike only arrived today at 5am (by the way, on Friday I saw that cnbc reported that 68% of ohare’s flights left late in the past period…68%!). That is stress that is undue stress, but it did not matter. he crushed craig alexander’s old record by over 5 minutes and took the win. On the women’s side Samantha Mcglone (70.3 world’s champ) too the victory as she continues on her path to Hawaii IM.

DKT results: 26:29 sw/ 2:02:56 bike(27.3mph!)/ 1:18:53 (6:01 mn/ml) for 3:49:38

All 5430 results / inside tri coverage of the race

August 12, 2007 at 5:55 pm
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