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Ok one more scorecard for Ironman Wisconsin.

Race-ready fitness: I feel stronger and stronger, really looking forward to the back to back weekends of Heart of Lakes Tri and Spirit of Racine Half-IM.

Swim: Rotator cuff has improved and longer distances don’t hurt/scare me as much. Sighting is coming around.
Bike: Ok I feel stronger, but I think I need some longer bikes – I am really looking forward to the double whammy of SCS ironman camp and the team swedemala camp (we just booked our sweet hotel today)
Run: Probably feeling the strongest here, I am running faster than ever before and I feel stronger in intervals.

Mental: feeling fresh, still excited about tris, I think my race schedule set up nicely for not getting burnedout on just training.
Over/undertrained/injuries: no problems here.
Overall: looking thru the above it would seem that everything is perfect, but realistically I still need more hill training on both bike/run, as well as getting dow to low 170s…

July 6, 2007 at 10:27 pm
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