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Computrainer is here!

So I have been thinking how to set myself up for the best possible 1st IM, plus tools to help me going forward. I am very happy with my bike set-up for now (cervancho). But I kept being intrigued by the “power meter” revolution. No power meter on the market (ibike is questionable) fits my price range or gives me enough options. An SRM costs way, way too much / Powertap means 2 sets of wheels ( I like my hed3s), etc, etc. At the same time I was thinking about the benefits of pre-riding courses. I have noticed psychological benefits of knowing the ins and outs of a course for Twin Cities Marathon, Lifetime, Liberty, etc.

I’ll be doing an SCS Multisports Ironman camp in July on the IMMoo course, and team swedemala is doing much of the same later in August. But what of other races? I think Alcatraz lottery might be in the works, maybe Wildflower, as well as others that are not local…so that took me to the computerized world of Computrainer and Tacx.Â
     I went back and forth. I called Gear West and talked to DKT about it – the Thompson’s have one at home, use it a bunch in the winter time, and have been happy with it. I kept researching and found some bike online store called Gear and Training which seemed to be a big seller of these. I spoke to the owner and he was very knowledgeable about it and had been selling them like crazy over the early season. They ended up being here in town (well not in town, in Rogers…and so I had to make a trip to the dreaded suburbs) and he was very helpful, but I kept being stuck on 2 things: one is that computrainer is the defacto leader here in USA, specially among triathletes (meaning lots and lots of free courses to ride, multi-rider groups, etc). 2nd is that we own a Mac at home. In the end I decided that I would be able to find more help from the huge amount of Computrainer owners in the USA (including local guys) and got set on that. [I’ll get a review of Gear and Training at one point]

So I looked around the internet again researching the Computrainer and was just going to order it online when I saw that there were 2 MN distributors. I had heard of Excel Cycle from general bike chatter around town, but then saw their tent last year at the Best of US Championship race on the old Minnetonka Tri course. Aaron and I were interested by the Looks and Orbea’s they were selling so we spoke to them for while. Anyways, fast forward a year and I walk in there on Saturday (after my bike-ride in running shorts experience). [I will also have a review at some point of this store: clean, modern, and very nice bikes].
        They were good to me and before you know it I have a big ol’ Computrainer box in the loft realizing this will be a multi-night process since I really don’t have that much time work on it right now. I will be chronicling online – computrainer+mac!

May 7, 2007 at 12:46 pm
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