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Coaching Resources

Coach Gordo: I think I have read pretty much everything he has written: his blog is a must, must read (he can write, not only type), and his Going Long book is a great intro to long distance training. If I had endless $/time, I’d go to epiccamps and hire gordo.

M2 Triathlon Coach: Michael McCormack runs online programs, plus a sweet Revolution studio in the Bay area. I just started with him this year and his computrainer-intensive plans have worked really well for me.

SCS Mulstisport: MN based coaches. I got my start in tris with John Shelp and learned a bunch. They have their own studio west of the Minneapolis and do a lot here in the twincities.

Mark Allen: the “Grip” dominated like no one else at an older age than any other guy. His egrip online system is completely unique for your owns needs/background and he has a few articles (my favorite = M.A. HeartRate)

Ultrafit: Joe Friel is the tri encyclopedia and now has many coaches working with him.

Crucible Fitness: big believer in the ergomo power meters, Rich Strauss runs ironcamp.com and has some great articles.

Coach KP: with a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine this guys is the real deal.  He started as a Clydesdale and has qualified for Kona a bunch of times. He also has a very clean forum.

Balance: a twin cities “comprehensive” program for GW du, Manitou, Lifetime, Brewhouse, and Irongirl du.

John Newsom: one of Gordo’s buddies, he is a N.Z based pro/coach that is the non-hyper side of ironmantalk.com and part of the epiccamp crew.

Coach Troy: famous for Runnervals and Spinervals, he’s been around for a long time (though he is $spendy!).

CTS: Carmichael is umm really expensive, really high profile, more tainted than a paintball field.

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