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*** Hello tri-world: 2-2, David Thompson wins the 2nd ever 101 race!!! I’m just at my parents-in-law, will update later…***

After a quick swim at the Y with chelle, I came back home and got interneted up to catch some 101 coverage before going to church – wow David swam himself right to the front to exit right behind Lavelle…watch out on the bike!:

This begins the slowtwich  slow-def coverage:

6:45 AM: Today we present coverage of the Clear Lake edition of the Tri One-O-One series live and as it happens. We have a crackerjack field in both the men’s and women’s races. Both Bradenton winners — Leanda Cave and David Thompson — are here, and neither should expect an easy race today. Thompson’s toughest challenge would, on paper, come from versatile Brian Lavelle. Just as compelling will be Thompson’s challenge on the bike, which will come from Nathan Kortuem and especially from second-year pro Jordan Rapp. More on the women’s race a little later

7:33 AM: We just hope no bad luck or silly mistake keeps us from a highly anticipated showdown throwdown on the bike. Jordan Rapp has had an excellent lead up to this event, and he’s absolutely determined to ride stroke for stroke with one of the sports top 5 cyclists in David Thompson. We’ll see if he can pull it off.

7:46 AM: Brian Lavelle exits first, as was expected. David Thompson was right on his feet, which was not expected. Great swim for the Bradenton victor.

7:56 AM: Monty is driving the Slowtwitch ice cream truck, and he’s got the pedal to the floor chasing down the male leaders. He’s frankly having trouble catching David Thompson, but from what we hear over the PA system Brian Lavelle is having some trouble handling Thompson’s pedal power himself.

8:01 AM: Monty reports that by mile-10 Brian Lavelle has given up 1:10 on David Thompson. Who rides the bike faster than this guy in triathlon over this distance at this moment? Bjorn? Normann? Torbjorn? We’ll ask Brian what he thinks after the race.

9:09 AM: We’re going to get you an up to date split on the men, but the last we had was Thompson up by 2:40 on Lavelle, with Rapp @5min back exactly. Kortuem is next, with Aas, Plata, Hauth trailing.
9:48 AM: Big news in the men’s race! At 30mi to go in the bike ride, David Thompson came through in 2:37:45. Brian Lavelle came through in 2:40:30, which means Thompson may be showing signs of potential mortality. Lavelle has pulled back :15 over the last several miles. But the news is Rappstar, just :59 back of Lavelle. Jordan’s pulled better than 2min on Thompson in under 10miles.
10:30 AM: On our forum, a reader has brought up the IQ of the top two bike splitters on the day. Jordan Rapp and David Thompson are both well-educated and bring some smarts and erudition to the game. If it’s the rider, not the bike, is it fair to say it’s also the brain, not just the braun?

11:01 AM: We’re just closing in on 4hr of racing, and David Thompson’s in. He dismounted at 3:57-flat of elapsed racing time. Monty was hurtling pell mell through traffic in the ice cream truck trying to catch Thompson’s entry into transition, and just got there. Lavelle himself executed a late charge and caught Rapp, as they both tightened the gap to 1:45 down on the race leader. Did Lavelle draft the ice cream truck? Monty says no, Brian did it all on his own.

11:07 AM: Brian Lavelle has been in this position many times. He’s tall and lean, in the physical mold of Peter Reid, and runs quite well. David Thompson also runs well, as is evidenced by his win at this distance only several weeks ago against the likes of Marino Vanhoenacker, one of the world’s best at this distance.

11:10 AM: We think Jordan Rapp had the fastest bike split by about 3min, and that’s going to rile or maybe humble David Thompson. Were it not for the Bradenton winner’s over the top swim, Rapp might’ve entered T-2 in the lead. Don’t take anything away from today’s current race leader, however. The Minnesotan did what he needed to do on the bike, and has obviously spent a lot of time in the pool in recent weeks. One would not have guessed he’d come out of the water in front of Chris Hauth and even with Brian Lavelle.
11:59 AM: David Thompson is showing his all-around ability today, building a 6min lead over second place 8mi into the run. But, our own Jordan Rapp, who’s responsible for a lot of the recent and future functionality on this site, has himself built a 1min lead over Brian Lavelle. Ted Aas is in 4th, 11min down. We have 10 barn-burning miles remaining in the men’s race.

12:33 PM: We’ve got 21k in the books, 9k to go, and the gap in the men’s race is still right at 6min.

12:53 PM: We’ve got 2mi to go in the men’s race. All indications are that David Thompson is going to make it 2-for-2. But it’s not over yet, and last we heard there’s an unsafe margin between 2nd and 3rd.

1:07 PM: David Thompson has done it! 6:03:07 is the finish time, the relatively slow time a descriptor of the difficulty of this course.

*** cherry picked coverage thanks to slowtwitch

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June 10, 2007 at 8:58 am
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