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Chrissie Wellington – it’s the engine

Chrissie Wellington has had the shortest and most meteoric rise in our sport in the past few years – she came out of nowhere and won Ironman Hawaii 2007 after winning the 2007 Iroman Korea, then backed it up again this year at the 2008 Ironman Australia and at this point has won three Ironman’s within 12 months.  She was also the first British athlete to ever win in Kona and she is one of the most non-triathlon triathletes we have scene.   She will be going racing the Frankfurt Ironman (Europe Ironman Championship) so that will be a reunion for the current Ironman World Champions as Macca will try to back up Frankfurt and Roth in the span of one week.

My favorite quote from the newest xtri.com interview?

“xtri: Do you think you’ll ever find yourself riding the P3?

Chrissie: I love the P2; I’m happy to stick with what I know and I’m quite comfortable on it. It suits me, and actually Brett and Gerard [Vroomen, of Cervelo] both feel I’m more suited to the P2. As they say, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ To me it doesn’t matter that it’s not the “top of the line;” I think that people do get too preoccupied with technology – but it’s not the bike that counts, it’s the engine.”

This is the xtri.com link to the 4/17/08 Chrissie Wellington interview.

This is the link to my post about Ironman Australia /  here is the link to chrissiewellington.org

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April 22, 2008 at 9:00 pm
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