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Chelle’s first Triathlon

Chelle is asleep (or trying to since I know how pre-race nerves go…) and I am finishing up the lifetime video interviews in the bathroom since our loft is wide open and this mac keyboard is kind of loud. I am really excited for the race manana since not only will chelle be doing here first triathlon, but I’ll also get to see the other members of team swedemala (aaron and merrie) race, as well as other friends (t palmer, wade).

I am really proud of all the effort that chelle has made thru swim classes, boring bike trainer rides, and falling in love with outdoor/hard cement running. I will be one happy husband when I see her cross that finish line at Nokomis tomorrow! Ok wake-up time is 4;30am so I better finish up the lavelle video and get some sleep.

July 13, 2007 at 9:44 pm
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