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Catching up

Wow, haven’t updated site in awhile, I need to get working on this before lifetime comes since I hope to get some video interviews to put up. This past weekend we went up to the Lundeen cabin for the annual 4th of July get together. I put in a solid two days and was very happy with that. I woke up early and rode for 70 miles on the Paul Bunyan trail. I capped my heart rate at specific times and the 4 hours ended up going bye fairly fast. I got back and did a quick 30 minute run brick, which was followed by some well deserved brats and lots of water. Later on I swam in Pelican Lake and I feel like my sighting is getting better – heart of the lakes should be a good test of that ahead of Racine. On Sunday chelle and I rode for 15 miles on that trail again, then followed that up with a 3 mile run brick – she is getting better and better each time! I put the bikes away and then started on my own 12 mile run – I highly recommend the ironmantalk podcasts as they kept me company thru the deserted northern Brainerd roads. Once back in the cities I did a 9×500 swim at the Y on Monday and that ended a nice, big chunk of training – absorb body, absorb…

July 4, 2007 at 9:55 pm
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