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Boulder Peak weekend!

Ok, I’m going to post on this becasue realistically this is the first “fruits of my efforts” that I have received since starting this site (apart from my trusty friends/family here in mpls).
Barry from 5430sports.com emailed me saying he enjoyed the lifetime interviews (more stuff is coming! just have to hang my piles of clothes/get the desk cleaned up before our new dell arrives/and get my computrainer session in). Let me tell you something, when you are just a little tri geek with an entry level imac/hardly any knowledge of imovie/and with a very basic website, to get an email from a big time event co director is a BIG DEAL people. So anyways yes it was cool to get some positive feedback on what I have posted.

I really hope that more people around the world (someone at panam games broadcasting! someone at beijing! etc) will take up the slow-def model of “let’s do what we can so that those that are not here can share in these races.” Barry mentioned that they are going to have live broadcasting plus a 1hour comcast tv broadcast (I’m guessing similar to the one they do at Racine). So anyways, though I don’t live in CO here is the info on the race:

www.5430sports.com – Boulder Peak Triathlon this weekend has 40 pros in it including PanAm Games Silver Medalist, Sarah Haskins, Joanna Zeiger, and 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Sue Williams. On the men’s side, we have Matt Reed, Tim DeBoom, and Bryan Rhodes heading a very large men’s pro field. Over 1,600 age group athletes, all in the beautiful setting of Boulder. Inside Triathlon (www.insidetri.com) is going to provide live coverage, and the race will be filmed for a one-hour broadcast on Comcast.

So if you are near CO, go watch the race! Humm, my list of races for ’08 seems to be growing by the week…Alcatraz lottery? 101? Boulder?

July 17, 2007 at 2:13 pm
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