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Beijing Olympics Triathlon information – the lowdown

This post will have all the Beijing Olympics Triathlon information you’d ever need to keep track of the 1.5km swim, 40k bike, and 10k run that triathletes will cover in their race for the precious gold, silver, and bronze medals. As a reminder, this is only the third Olympics that has had Triathlon as an event, so our history there is young. Then again, it makes it so exciting and at each of the previous two we have seen big upsets.

When: August 18th Women’s / August 19th Men’s both at 10am local Beijing Time.

Time zone conversions: 10am Beijing = 7pm Vancouver/L.A. prev. day = 10pm NY/Toronto prev. day = 3am London same day = Moscow 6am same day = 12pm Sidney same day

Where: the Ming Tomb Reservoir, about an hour north of Beijing – they have setup a 10,000 person grandstand which should prove to be a great venue as it is further away from the city. Here you can see a 360 degree view of the venue.

Official triathlon.org Olympics page from the world governing ITU | Beijing Olympic Triathlon page

Lenovo has one of the BEST interactive guides for the entire Olympics, click here.

Below is the number of triathletes each nation is taking (men and women combined). As you can see, only six lucky countries earned enough points at ITU World Cup races around the world to take the maximum three men and three women. The other countries have mixtures of more women than men or vice-versa. I have to say that it saddens me to not see any from Central America!

6: New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, United States
5: Australia, France, Japan, Great Britain, Russia
4: Spain, Italy, Austria
3: Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, China, South Africa, Brazil
2: Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Netherlands, Mexico
1: Bermuda, Syria, Estonia, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Chile, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Slovakia

Bios on each triathlete from the above nations | starting Male list | starting Female list

***Do you want to watch the Beijing Olympics Triathlon in your time zone? Hit this link***

above images courtesy of triathlon.org

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