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Bad News on Cedar Lake Trail

So I’m starting a nice easy ride from our loft over to minnetonka to babysit at the thingelstad compound when I get up towards 10th street and 3rd ave North. And what do I see as I make my way towards the trail?


Huh? On my birthday they are going to close my cycling highway to the west? No, they must be wrong. How can this be? It is finally summer, yes summer I tell you. So I ignore it and keep riding, thinking that there might be a way to skirt that part of the trail (thru mt. curve area), but once I get past 100 and keep going west there are other signs confirming the same thing. Aaaghhh, cervancho and me are very unhappy. This from the ballpark authority:

“the Cedar Lake Bike Trail will close to all traffic for up to 2 months from Dunwoody Blvd./Linden Ave. to 12th St. N./3rd Ave. N. while work takes place on the ball park. Once that work is completed the trail will be reestablished to its current 3rd Avenue terminus to accommodate bicycle and foot traffic. Signed detours are posted. While the Cedar Lake Trail is closed for two months, MnDOT will use this opportunity to paint the Interstate 94 bridges located under the Cedar Lake trail”

blah, blah, yadi, yuda, hey, hey, this is not cool. Not cool. I’m all for an outdoors twins stadium, but I need to get out west somehow and while yes there are other roads, drivers can sometimes be unhappy sharing roads with us cyclists….

May 19, 2007 at 1:04 am
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