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Back at it and Brick Runs

Just got back from the Caucus, watching MSNBC for Super Tuesday…

So I took a day off yesterday for the first time in a while which gave me much needed rest. This morning I was back in the pool, walking to the YMCA at 5:10am through the lonely streets of cold Minneapolis with my dress pants and shirt in tow. After a quick 2,000 yard swim I was back at work which of course was another “ironman-like swim” experience with the Dow dropping over 300 and the long bond heading down towards 4.25% Well after work I made it on the bike for 1.5 hours for some interval training followed by a half hour transition run.

I keep those brick runs at an easier pace (8:45s) since I don’t really want to beat my legs up to much, specially since I’ll be biking by 5am tomorrow. I know people have all sorts of theories, but I don’t like extending brick runs for anything over an hour. Why not? On the theory side I have read quite a few people that shy away from over an hour long brick runs. On the practical side, I do think that long runs (ie running 8+ miles) would leave me really trashed. Another practical reason is that I think a 45 minutes run gives you plenty of experience with the “heavy legs” syndrome, while during an actual Ironman the adrenaline will get me to the 16 mile point easily. After that it is all mental (yes Cam Brown says an Ironman marathon begins at mile 20) for the last 10 miles. I was taking a quick glance through the Ironman Arizona run course and I am starting to think of what type of mental strategy I will use to break up the run. Some have mentioned 4 miles on each side of the river, but I don’t see that, so I’m still thinking of 3 miles easy around 8:30s, a nice 1:45 or so half marathon, then a nice half hour + 4 miles, and then it’s on for the last 10k. I think that at Ironman Wisconsin and looking back on the Twin Cities Marathons that I have run I have probably lost too much time in the aid stations so I am also thinking of instituting an every other rule starting at mile 1 (since who cares about 26!). Ok that’s it for tonight.

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February 5, 2008 at 9:19 pm
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  • February 6, 2008 at 8:58 amJot

    One advantage of being a local is that we’re running the course weekly (or nearly).

    My recommendation:

    The first two laps come out to about 17 miles. Close enough to your 16 mark. You’re going to run by transition 5 times, so I’d use that as the other breakdown. On the last lap your goal will be transition, and then the last few miles.

    Good luck. I’ll be volunteering in April and participating in November, so we’ll see how it works.


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