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Australian Great Craig Walton Retires from Triathlon

I was shocked when I saw a top posting on slowtwitch mentioning that the great Aussie Craig Walton, or “Waldo”, had retired. Sure enough triathlon.org has the official press release confirming his retirement just a year after he got healthy enough to come back to our sport. He was one dominating triathlete and was not afraid to just go off the front and let the skinny runners try to catch him. He looked more like a football player in comparison to the normal triathlete pros, with a swim that left packs minutes behind and a bike that was out of this world. He will be missed!

Last year I had the chance to see him race at the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon (he got a mechanical) and at the Accenture Chicago Triathlon (he placed 2nd behind Greg Bennett and ahead of David Thompson). For videos on those races go to youtube.com/iwilltri.

This was my response on slowtwitch:

“W O W. Waldo was one of the most exciting triathletes to watch in action
and his off the front swim/bike combo are legendary. I was looking
forward to seeing him race again in Minneapolis at lifetime this year
(with hopefully no mechanicals) and also down in Chicago. He will be
sorely missed. He was able to put the fear of the 2 wheels into anyone
(remember him winning on racing flats when he forgot his bike shoes at
his hotel? yikes). The press release stated a bunch of his

“Walton made the world cup podium 12 times in his career, winning six
times. He is one of only six men to win at least one world cup title in
four consecutive years. Walton won bronze at the 2000 ITU Triathlon World
Championships in Perth, Australia and finished 27th at the Sydney
Olympics that same year”

At this point no one comes to mind that can swim like a fish and ride
like a cheetah.”

Of course if you want to go to either his website or to Emma’s (he’ll continue as her coach) head over to my huge list of professional triathletes at iwilltri.com/pro-triathletes


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March 25, 2008 at 5:25 pm
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