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Andy Potts on xtri.com

A brand new xtri.com interview on Andy Potts reveals some tidbits on one of the hottest triathletes around.

On the Oceanside Ironman California 70.3:
“Craig put his really quick surges on me. I said “well you’ve gotta see what your worth today. If you don’t have it, that’s ok, but you’ve got to at least try.” That’s what was kind of going through my mind. And luckily I was able to answer – he surged about three times on me, I answered each call. When we got on the home stretch with about 200 m to go, it was my turn to punch back.”

On Ironman and the Kona World Championships:

“Last year in Clearwater, they pulled all the slots that were available for the pros, to the top three who accepted it. They said winner only, if he doesn’t want it, nobody’s going to get it – there’s no roll down. I think that was because of the precedent that Craig set and that Sam set. They did everybody else a favor, performing so well, saying the winner can do really good things, if you give them the opportunity. So I ended up accepting!”
“But it’s kind of an after thought for me this year, just because the primary focus this year for me is trying to make the Olympic team and getting on and racing well in the Olympics. So it won’t be until September that I try to change gears again, and focus on going a little bit longer.”

To me this last point will be very interesting – I do not think we have ever seen an Olympic athlete go on to Kona in the same year – it is actually pretty close to two months and I think that the training demands will be pretty different. When you hear the big time Ironman guys and gals speak, August and September bring huge volume. I am not saying he can’t do well at Beijing and at Kona – but just that it will be a groundbreaking effort that we have never seen before. At Oceanside he was able to hold off on the bike a very decorated set of riders: Bjorn, DKT, and Steve Larsen. The old guys (Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Molina, etc) were always shortcourse/long-course guys so maybe Andy does have it right to just allow two months ahead of battling the lava fields!

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April 2, 2008 at 7:28 pm
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