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Hello world, I am Hector Fernandez and this is my triathlon website dedicated to everything dealing with triathlon races, training, media, professional triathletes, and my experiences through hours of swimming, biking, and running. I am currently located in the Twin Cities (ok Minneapolis to be exact) of Minnesota and we have quite the thriving triathlon scene that is clearly in the top 10 across these United States.

I grew up in Guatemala, Central America, so you will see many references to my native land and have now lived in the USA for almost twenty years. As of April 2008, I have competed in almost 20 triathlons, including the inaugural 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater, as well as suffering through Ironman Wisconsin 2007 and Ironman Arizona 2008. I was a music
junkie in college so I was never into sports and my wife is the one that will turn ESPN on at home. But after a challenge from a supervisor to run the 2003 Twin Cities Marathon, I branched out and found out about Triathlon. In 2004 I completed the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon thru Teal in Training and was hooked for life. Last summer I realized that on the ground, “citizen” coverage of triathlon (specially on the video side) was lacking and decided to embark on that path.

I welcome any feedback, comments, or disagreements.

email address: hector “at” iwilltri.com

Hector, Michellie Jones, and Aaron

youtube triathlon video collection: youtube.com/iwilltri
better quality videos at vimeo.com/iwillt

If you see me at the races I’m the 6 foot Guatemalan, probably wearing a Gear West hat or tshirt, lugging my video camera around…

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