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90 and counting

Today marks exactly 90 days before I embark on my first ironman ever. In 90 days I will be on my bike riding around the lovely wisconsin country side alongside hundreds of other crazies that have decided to use their bodies as engines for 140 long, hard, weather wild, but absolutely worthy miles. So I think I’m going to try a short but sweet scorecard as to how I am feeling about it from now till then:

Race-ready fitness: I think I am at the right spot, M2s program is making sense to me and the power is coming around on the bike.
Swim: left rotator cuff still giving me problems, but specific stretching and strengthening should start to help
Bike: Liberty brought to the surface an issue I already knew – need to work on hill/rollers on bike – but not “feeling behind” at this point.
Run: Could do a 20 miler if I needed to, but not at marathon level yet. Faster than last year.
Overall: Waconia will be a test to see if the power that I have been working on in bike/run pans out, but in general the theme from Liberty was: I am at a good point, endurance will come in next 10 weeks.
Mental: feel great about program to get me to start line: specific approach, 2 on-course camps (w/ SCS and with aaron), feel great about my race schedule, computrainer is helping…overall things are good.
Over/undertrained: I’d say that if I wasn’t going fishing I’d tend to overwork myself…so this is a good break for me. I have been doing structured training for 3 months now so this will be real first brake since Argentina in March.

Today I ran in the hot heat for the first time, a 20 ez, 20 with strides, and an interval interspersed 20, for a total hour of running by the river and it was H-O-T. How many other IMMoo crazies were out there running today I wonder???

June 11, 2007 at 9:20 pm
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  • June 12, 2007 at 10:17 amAaron

    I know of at least one other IM Moo crazy that was out there running!

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