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3rd place again! Heart of the Lakes Triathlon

Ok I know I have write a longer one, but yesterday (after a long and SUPER FUN day on Saturday) I competed in the heart of the lakes. I had heard lots about it, and it all lived up to my expectations (except the transition but I guess they switch it every year…I say put the elites in the worts trans possible every time because, well, they are elites…). I got out of the swim towards the front of my 25-29 yr old AG, same thing on bike (though cervancho’s bike computer stopped recording mph after like mile 3 so I had no idea where we were or how fast we were going), then entered into T2 in 5th. I managed to run 6:25 pace which surprised me (was best run for me ever in a tri) since I didn’t see the mile markers that had been spray painted on the ground. All in all a great day! More to come…

Oh and if this is somehow a surprise – Brian Bich and Kathy Yndestad (yes after winning lifetime amateur again day before) came in first.

results www.holtri.org

July 16, 2007 at 8:44 pm
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