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35W circus + so happy to be a triathlete

Ok so first of all as I went out to do my long run right after a 1hr. M2 EA wkout on the computrainer I was pretty happy because I was going to have some long running, sans distractions, on a nice Sunday afternoon.

It was going well, till I got to Portland Ave and West River Road where tons of people were congregated – I had to turn around (stone arch bridge closed) and get over on the N.E. side. I took Main street and then ran into even more people – dogs/strollers/someone’s aunt and her boyfriends ex-dentist with his 6 friends too. It was out of control. So after finally getting over to the U, I ran into a little roadie race and boy am I glad I am a triathlete. I guess the whole clubby idea of matching uniforms and “tactics” just doesn’t suit me – not that there is anything wrong with that and I’m sure they are sick of aerobars and aero helmets…but running by them made me very happy – I know that while maybe they’d drop me on the road, I can leave my computer right this second and go swim 2 miles or run 15 – no problem and yes my mismatched clothes will be just fine.

About 15 miles later (out towards Summit by East River Road) I was back in the thick of the circus and I am hoping that it will seriously die down soon – and no it’s not that I don’t think that the bridge collapsing was a tragedy / loss of life (eternal?) was huge / or that people should not have an opportunity to mourn for their loved ones. It’s just that the tents/ice cream/cameras were just a little too much for me today.

On a different note, I think I had one of my best wkouts all year today. This was the structure:

20 ez / 9 @ 7:30s, 1 ez / 9 @ 7:30, 1 ez / 9 @ 7:30, 1 ez / 20 @ 7:30 / 5 @ 7s, 5 ez / 5 @ 7s, 10 @ 7:30s / 5 @ 7s, 10 @ 7:30s / 40 min ez run home. Total = 2:34, 19 miles, 8:08 avg over the whole thing – could have kept running. I seriously did not notice the miles go by since I was focused on the specific intervals – I am nailing down my marathon strategy for the IMMoo marathon and I am leaning towards a 5×5 + give it all you got for the 1.2 right now. But I play different ones out – lean back on my favorite half-marathon strategy of 5+5+5k? Or 1st 16 ez, then everything for last 10? Well I still have 37 days till Ironman Wisconsin to figure that out!

August 5, 2007 at 7:29 pm
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