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31 days left

31 days till I wake up at 4am for the 140 miles I have been training for. As a recap since I’ve been bad about writing a weekly report on IM training – here is an un-organized one.
Swim = rot cuff has calmed down and I feel good about where I am at, on a good day maybe 1:05-1:10, on a bad day it might be 1:20 but 1:10 seems reasonable.
Bike = yes I gave in and got a 12-27 put on becasue I don’t
want to grind my legs. My computrainer sessions are going well and I can tell power is coming around.
Run = look at my post from Monday – I don’t think I have ever had a better run and so that is fitting in right along (I initially was scared about not having enough long runs in but that was gone after this past wknd).
Mental = I was fried after the 5,500y set I did with Aaron on Monday, so for the first time this year I did a “come home eat something, fall asleep, wake up eat dinner with chelle, fall asleep, wake up at 10pm to scrape contacts out, fall asleep.” I am excited for IM and I am not feeling the same burnout as last year. Why not? Race schedule + chelle doing tris + racing well = I still like triathlon!

August 8, 2007 at 3:47 pm
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